Fuel Cards

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A fuel card, or fleet card as they are otherwise known, are used as a payment for petrol, diesel and other fuel types at petrol stations. Implementing these cards within your business fleet brings about many advantages with the most significant being impressive fuel savings.

There is no shortage of options due to the wide array of fuel card suppliers that exist. In other words, competitors offer solutions that can be tailored to the size of your organisation and the type of fuel used by your fleet.

BP Fuel Card

Offering two levels of fuel card services, BP boasts a card that can be used at over 1200 sites in the UK, including a third of all motorway service stations. BP are one of the most ubiquitous fuel providers in the UK. In fact it is estimated that 90% of Britain’s population live within 5 miles of a BP forecourt.

With a terrific security back up system and interest free credit, BP are thought to offer one of the best fuel cards in the UK. To add to this, a minimum spend level of just £300 makes it a popular one.

Allstar Fuel Card

Allstar offer several fuel cards with varying degrees of benefits. You can find out more about these by reading the review. With over 1700 stations in the UK and a mammoth 7600 in total, Allstar offers access to over 90% of the nation’s fuel stations. This includes supermarket chains.

With a 24/7 support service, and one of the most secure networks on the market, it is not surprising that Allstar are thought to be one of the best fuel cards in the industry.

ESSO Fuel Card

As one of the giants of the fuel industry, ESSO offer a network of over 1000 fuel stations to their customers. In itself, this may not seem so impressive, but when you factor in the over 1000 Shell forecourts that also accept the ESSO fuel card, the accessibility of the ESSO fuel card is impressive.

The minimum spend of £300 is fairly standard in the industry. However, ESSO set prices at their own level and not at national prices. This means they often have the edge over their competitors and the right to be considered as one of the best fuel cards.

UK Fuels Fuel Cards

UK Fuels is one of the largest suppliers of fuel cards in the industry. They offer fuel cards from all the major players as well as their own branded set of cards. They have over 25 years of expertise at their fingertips and are renowned for providing impartial advice to drivers looking to improve their fleet efficiency.

UK Fuels excel have the largest selection of fuel cards. This, tied with 25 years of expertise and the ability to help you choose the best option for your business needs put UK Fuels firmly in the running amongst the best fuel cards. It also has no startup fees and some of its fuel card offerings do not require a minimum spend.

Texaco Fuel Card

Another of the major international fuel companies, Texaco are a must for anyone wishing to conduct a thorough fuel cards comparison. With a combined network of over 1900 fuel stations that include Texaco’s own, Morrisons supermarkets and a whole range of independent fuel suppliers, Texaco are highly thought of by their large base of customers.

The £300 minimum spend is manageable for all but the smallest of ventures and the Velocity based security system is one of the most secure on the market.

Next Steps

Finding the best fuel card for you business is not an easy undertaking, especially when you consider the importance of selecting the right one. This applies even to those who consider themselves an expert on the subject. Use a comparison fuel card site that can be found online and see how much you could save.

At WrightStart we actually use 2 fuel cards, Shell and FuelGenie. Due to pupil location and the driving areas we use, Shell fuel stations along with Morrison’s are our 2 most prominent fuel forecourts. With this in mind and good rates we have one of each depending on where we are each time we run out of juice.

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