Winter Vehicle Maintenance

By Lewis on 1st December 2015 - View Comments

Well it’s getting to that time of year again, frosty mornings and those cold, dark nights. Winter is well and truly on its way and with it comes bad roads and harsh driving conditions.

With that in mind it is vital this time of year to keep on top of your car maintenance and to also keep it looking clean.

So what do you need to know…

Check your vital fluids at least once a week in order to prevent any vehicle damage and most importantly ensure your washer fluid is topped up with anti-freeze. After a short blast on the dual carriageways or motorways the windscreen quickly becomes dirty.

Ensure that you clean your windscreen, lights and number plates regularly. You need to be able to see clearly out of all windows so that you can see all road users and by having clean lights you have better visibility on those dark and twisty country lanes.

Also, washing your vehicle on a weekly/two-weekly basis helps you maintain a nice looking car and keeps the road salt at bay. We know it’s cold out there but it’s worth looking after your pride and joy.

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