Blues & Two’s

By Lewis on 27th April 2016 - View Comments

Many current and passed pupils always ask how to deal with emergency service vehicles. This is a common question not only by them but also full and experienced licence holders.

This is a tricky one to answer as each situation that arises is different and unique in its own way. To begin lets take a look at this short video.

With this in mind you’ll find what happens in practice isn’t always the same as real life.

Here are some basic principles to follow;

• Keep calm, slow down and move over to the side of the road where possible.

• If you are near a large roundabout or maybe a traffic light controlled roundabout ensure you don’t put yourself in danger

• Don’t do anything illegal such as go through red traffic lights as you could be prosecuted.

For further information or advice check out the blue light aware page here.

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