Driving in Europe

By Lewis on 14th June 2016 - View Comments

So you’ve been driving happily on the left side of the road, following U.K. laws and road procedures but you’ve now decided to go on holiday and drive across Europe. Maybe your going down to the south of France or blasting across Germany on their autobahns, either way this blog will give you some top pointers to help plan your incredible journey.

Speaking from experience, a driver and rider that has covered a few thousand miles on foreign soil I thought some useful tips might help ease the strain and pressure of unfamiliar roads.

First things first, don’t forget you drive on the right, this means the far right hand lane. Your blind spots will be in different positions, you overtake on the left, move anti-clockwise around roundabouts whilst giving way to the left. Speed is depicted in KPH instead of MPH and if you accrue points or fines whilst abroad they still apply to your U.K. licence.

Lets now take a look at roundabouts, something that causes a little confusion for many on their first approach. The picture below demonstrates simply the procedure you should follow…

We’ve also listed¬†a few¬†common signs that you may not be fully aware of…

For an extra breakdown of signage you can read more here.

If you’ve been doing your research you may have noticed that legislation has recently changed and the requirement to carry additional equipment whilst in certain E.U. countries, a full breakdown of kit is detailed here.

We recommend travelling with all the necessary and advisory equipment, to purchase one you can find a great example at Halfords here. For further information or if you want any additional help or advice, give us a call.

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