Journey Planning

By Lewis on 14th December 2015 - View Comments

You’re probably all to familiar with your usual commute to work or school but what about those longer irregular journeys on holiday or going shopping in big cities. How do you cope with different roads and junctions, how do you plan on what lanes to be in or how to actually get to your destination? It’s coming up to the holiday season and you’ll soon be making your way to see distance friends and family in areas that may not be so familiar.

Here are a few handy hints for those more awkward journeys:

1. Have a look at a map prior to leaving so you have a rough idea of where your going. Knowing the general direction of your travel will significantly help when your looking for signs.
2. Even if you have an idea of where your going run a sat-nav in the background to help relieve stress. It may give you prompts if traffic conditions change or you take a wrong turn.
3. Look at your final destination on Google maps so you are already familiar with your end point. This is so simple yet really effective as you will know where to go when you get there.
4. Research how long the journey is likely to take and at the time your planning on leaving. Don’t forget Monday mornings are busy than Sunday afternoons and plan for contingency in case of accidents.
5. Remember the golden rules; follow the road ahead unless tensing says otherwise, usually the left lane goes left and straight and if in doubt go the wrong way and do it correctly.

We hope you have a fun and safe road trip this festive season.

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