Post Test Driver Training

By Lewis on 27th January 2016 - View Comments

Many people believe that once you’ve passed your test that’s it, you know how to drive and everything there is to know about the roads. Those that do enquire about additional training such as the traditional pass plus course or motorway training often question is it worth it.

To some extent, the cost of such training may out way the benefit of insurance discounts however the real cost comes in the knowledge and skills imparted on you and your driving ability.

Let me just propose this;

Your driving on a motorway in heavy traffic, your closely following the sat-nav to an appointment that your late for. The sign above your lane displays a Red Cross, would you know what to do?

What about this;

You are leaving work on a typically busy Friday afternoon. You are turning right at a traffic light controlled crossroad with a box junction in the middle. Do you pull forward and sit in the box when the lights go green, do you wait behind the white line or something else entirely?

Or maybe even this;

Your in the middle of town and want to turn left, first exit at the upcoming roundabout. On approach to the roundabout there is a bus lane with signage which stops shortly before the roundabout, there are no buses as you approach. Do you get into the bus lane early so your ready to turn left at the roundabout, wait until it finishes or nip into the lane just before it finishes to skip the traffic?

These examples are just a snap shot of what we see full licence holders and experienced drivers get wrong every day. Let’s be honest, when did you last read a current edition of Highway Code?..

If you want to enhance your skills and take your driving to the next level by being a safer and more aware driver then take a look at our full list of additional training courses we can offer here. Until next time, stay safe out there.

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