Experts Have Predicted The Release Dates of Science-Fiction Cars

By Lewis on 11th January 2019 - View Comments

This weeks blog has kindly been created by Lou at Leasing Options, it’s quite an interesting read…


Self-inflating tyres, Hydrogen Fuel Processors and Collision Avoidance Technology were once just the figments of movie-writers imaginations. But here we are in 2018, and all these technologies now exist.

I imagine, like many other movie-goers, the first time you ever watched Minority Report, I, Robot or Blade Runner you wondered if you, one day, would own such a super car.

To put your pondering to rest, Leasing Options have been investigating how close we are to developing the high-tech and seemingly impossible features of some of the world’s most popular sci-fi cars.

With the help of experts, they have even been able to predict when they are likely to become commercially available.

Take K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider, almost every feature on this futuristic car, already exists. The Medical Scanner & Voice Stress Analyzer is expected to become a reality in 2025, whilst General Artificial Intelligence is expected in 2068. Only 50 years to wait, then.

Leasing Options have also been looking at the potential release dates of:

  • The Lexus 2054 from Minority Report – expected to be available as soon as 2027
  • The Audi RSQ from I, Robot, following closely behind with a predicted release date of 2030
  • The Spinner from Blade Runner – flying capabilities clearly still have a way to go, with a prediction of 2085.

You can access the full article here.

What would you like to see incorporated in a futuristic car?..

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