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By Lewis on 11th July 2018 - View Comments

The fake ID card business is thriving although many may not be aware of the fake ID industry and how large it actually is. There will be some of you that are fully aware of the fake ID industry but do not have anything to do with it and there are some of you who have taken advantage out of this service there will also be some of you who may have had bad experiences with fake ID cards.

Identity theft is a huge problem all over the world. These gangs are using people’s personal information to create forged documents including fake ID cards including fake driving licenses and fake passports. They then use these fake documents to apply for credit cards and bank loans in that person’s name. Once the criminals obtain the credit card they purchase items until the card has been maxed out. They will then move on to another unsuspecting victim. Unfortunately for the victim the criminals are rarely caught as by the time they are aware of the act the criminal has stopped using the credit card. These criminals are also using fake ID cards to claim benefits off the government in someone else´s name.

Fake id cards are allowed in some countries including the UK and Canada as a souvenir. However in the USA fake id cards are looked down on and selling fake id cards online is illegal.

High definition printing is required to produce high quality novelty and fake id cards, this ensures security micro text does not become blurred and distorted, often a tell tale sign that a card is a fake, the lines and text should be crisp and clear. High definition printers are often able to use UV ink which is commonly used in driving licence production to print covert security features only visible with a black UV light, again many fake id cards will not include this level of detail.

So is it illegal to have a fake ID card in your wallet?

No it isn’t, even if it is a very good fake ID card that is possible to fool a person of authority if you just have it in your wallet or purse as a novelty item then this is perfectly legal. The producers of novelty ID cards state on their websites that these cards are for novelty purposes only and should not be used for anything other than this then neither you or the company that sold you the card are doing anything illegal.

How this relates to the driving test…

The driving examiner will check your licence prior to commencing the test. Although prior online checks have been made to ensure your eligible for the practical part of the test they will be checking your physical copy to ensure it is the correct person attending and not an impostor.

The examiner will check the licence thoroughly, inspecting details such as name, address, D.O.B and your entitlement to drive along with your picture. The picture is important as this verifies it’s the correct person attending, having an up to date picture is important for this which is why your licence needs updating every 10 years.

The examiner will ask you to sign documentation prior to starting the test, they will also be checking your signature matches the one that’s on your licence, if it doesn’t the test won’t be going ahead. Finally they will use a UV light to check for authenticity and validity of the licence, this is all normal procedure.

Our last note on this topic is, DO NOT FORGET YOUR LICENCE ON TEST DAY!

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