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By Lewis on 2nd July 2018 - View Comments

Now the words ‘Public Transport’ aren’t something we use often, nor do we actually travel on it, but why?

The last time we remember using public transport is in London, the tube, as it’s definitely the way to go if your not on foot and an airplane is our obvious choice for those all important getaways. But for everyday travel, we don’t use it so much.

Take a look at these interesting stats we found recently (from DofT 2016)

Let’s look at some key advantages and disadvantages of each mode of transport:

Mode of Transport Pro’s

  • Car – Your choice of route, leave when you want to
  • Bus – Cheap
  • Train – Quick and direct route
  • Bicycle – Good fitness and no traffic
  • Taxi – No upfront cost and available at request
  • Walking – Good fitness
  • Tram – Usually no traffic, fair price

Mode of Transport Con’s

  • Car – Expensive outlay and many bills to pay
  • Bus – Slow and indirect route
  • Train – Expensive and usually busy
  • Bicycle – Vulnerable and your sweaty when you arrive at work
  • Taxi -No upfront cost and available at request
  • Walking – Slow
  • Tram – Can be slow as the route isn’t usually direct

From our basic findings it’s clear to see the benefits of driving, such as convenience and practicality, far out way the other modes making it a far better choice for us, but maybe not for you.

What would make public transport more appealing for us?

Our general thoughts on this are not necessarily cheaper or more frequent as many bus routes local to use run every 10 minutes. Ideally for us journey planning would be made easier as trying to negotiate several small journeys to complete the big journey can be quite complicated.

We asked others what would make it better for them…

  1. One person surveyed said better network links, they said that to get to work they would have to catch two separate buses and still walk another section.
  2. Someone else we spoke to said that you have to rely on other people too much and that some services are not always reliable, making them late for work or other appointments.

So, how do you get to work?..

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