Truths & Myths of Driving Examiners

By Lewis on 6th April 2018 - View Comments

This weeks blog is all about driving examiners and identifying the truth behind some of the false accusations being thrown around out there. We’ve listed some of the top questions asked by pupils and answered them, honestly…

Are examiners horrible?

Truth: No, not at all. Most have been driving instructors prior to switching roles and fully appreciate what it’s like to be on both sides of the fence. Unfortunately when pupils don’t pass a test they are understandably upset and look for someone to blame which is normally the person delivering the bad news, the driving examiner.

Do they sit there in silence?

Truth: Examiners will usually ask an icebreaker question after informing the candidate how the test is going to be conducted. This is the opportunity to settle in, have some general conversation and relax. If a candidate cannot cope with conversation as they become distracted the examiner will be fair and keep quiet.

Have examiners already decided if I’ve failed?

Truth: Definitely not, they will conduct a fair test and if you meet the required standard you WILL pass.

I’ve heard examiners make up faults, is that true?

Truth: Again, this is false. If an examiner were to make up faults that would not only be totally wrong but also an unfair test. Most instructors run in car cameras and these can be used during test providing their is no sound, the footage could then be played back to prove either way. This rumour is circulated because candidates don’t remember conducting faults even though they did, mainly because there was so much going on at the time that they didn’t realise.

Are there any other questions or myths that you’ve heard that need answering?..

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