Black Boxes, the Truth

By Lewis on 9th February 2016 - View Comments

So you’ve passed your test and you are now desperately trying to insure your car for the best possible price. If that’s the case hopefully you’ve read our previous edition on insurance as it will give you useful tips, click here if you missed it.

In this blog edition we’re going to talk about the hot topic of black boxes and reveal the truth about them. Let’s begin with some false myths.

Myths about black boxes:

  • Strict curfews stopping you driving at night
  • Real time tracking following your every move
  • Really expensive to insure and install
  • Insurers inform police of speeding offences

The Truth about black boxes:

  • There are no curfews, most companies do not restrict your driving hours meaning you have plenty of freedom. The idea behind this was originally to discourage you from driving during prime time accident hours
  • There is no real time tracking. The black box does plot your route in real time but does have a built in tracker in case your car becomes stolen. Don’t worry, parents can’t monitor where you currently are
  • Insurance premiums are actually lower because the black box is installed and usually the cost to install it comes as part of the package
  • Policies are not sent to the police in order to prosecute, if you have been involved in an offence the police may then request your details but the insurance companies won’t report you for minor offences

How do they actually work:

  • The GPS tracker that is installed in your car is around the size of a cigarette packet or smartphone
  • It is then installed behind the dashboard of your car
  • Every time the engine is started it begins to record the journey and monitors how you hard you corner, brake and accelerate
  • Once the drive is completed the data is collated and sent to the insurance provider for analysis
  • Finally, you can usually log in to your online account in order to check your drive rating and read any feedback about the drive

Watch this little video about Admirals Little Black Box.

In summary, black boxes have come a long way in recent years and have seen great improvements since their first introduction. With cash back rewards for good driving behaviour they are an ideal way of saving money and improving your driving skill and attitudes all at the same time.

For further information or to get a competitive quote from one of our trusted insurance suppliers, check out Admiral Little Box here.

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