August Birthdays

By Lewis on 18th April 2018 - View Comments

August seems to be a popular time for birthdays but for those of you who are born then you may know some of the problems it presents, mainly the fact that your the last to drive in your year group.

Well fear not, we’re here to help and give you that head start to learn quickly and maybe even pass before your friends.

How we hear you ask? Easy…Pre-17 Driving.

At WrightStart Experiences we specialise in educating, teaching and training youngsters in the art of driving and all the skills that come with it. We’re into our fourth year now at our original training ground and over the years we’ve begun to notice a trend.
Some of our customers, mainly 15 and 16 year olds have been attending regular sessions over the years and now that they’ve turned 17 have been able to get onto the roads instantly and drive to a decent and safe standard.

We conducted a little experiment with one of our teenage drivers, Jon. Over the course of a year we showed him all of the manoeuvres and the processes and routines for junctions on our off-road venue. We encouraged him to learn his theory well in advance of his 17th birthday and to get it taken as soon as he’d turned 17.
Sure enough he passed straight away and moved onto his practical test within a couple of weeks. That to was passed promptly and was then one of the first in his friendship group to be driving around despite being the youngest of them all.

Here’s what he had to say:

“By opting to do my pre 17 experience with Wrightstart, it enabled the instructors to provide me with the sufficient amount of experience and knowledge I needed; in preparation of my 17th birthday (when I was able to drive on the road). The instructors got me to master my observations and bearings of the car. My manoeuvres were also perfected in this period. This allowed me to focus on my driving rather than wasting time on manoeuvres. This saved me lots of time; I passed my test within 9 weeks of my 17th birthday. Before a lot of my friends that were nearly a year older than me. Wrightstart are highly recommended by me, it’s a no brainier.”

If you fancy being like Jon and leapfrogging ahead then what are you waiting for, book in your first pre-17 drive now!

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