Pondering on Pass Plus?

By Lewis on 3rd September 2013 - View Comments

So you pass your driving test, receive a shiny new pink licence and you’re free to go out on the road, Yay! But is that it for driver training?

Well the simple answer is NO. Pass Plus is a course designed to help improve a driver’s knowledge, understanding and physical skills and abilities of driving a car post-test. It also aims to reduce insurance premiums as a driver has gone out of their way to ensure they are a better, safer driver.

There are 6 modules to complete ranging from city driving to country lanes and even onto Motorways, which for some would be a first. The objective of each section is to develop a driver from being good to great.

The course runs for around 6 hours (1 hour minimum per module) and can be completed in one day or split over a longer period. The most popular option is to spend a day exploring, taking routes to various places that you may have not seen or been to before. It’s always nice to plan a journey beforehand taking in various road conditions, some simple and others more challenging. We also like to add in the use of the car’s other control functions such as cruise control and the speed limiter but also introduce further pre-vehicle checks, eco driving, using a sat-nav and beginning commentary driving to name a few.

Upon completion of the course the candidate receives an information booklet which is useful for finding extra snippets of info, a certificate as proof of attending and also a list of insurance companies that accept the award helping to save you more money.

To summarise, this could be a chance to help you become an even safer driver whilst learning new techniques and having fun along the way so if you have any further questions feel free to ask your instructor and we can get you booked in!

Anyway that’s all from us for now so don’t forget #startWrightStart.

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