Pre-17 Driver to Full Licence Holder

By Lewis on 12th June 2017 - View Comments

With only a couple of weeks to our next Pre-17 event we thought we’d let a former Pre-17 driver, now full licence holder, share their views on learning to drive. Here’s what Lydia had to say…

Why did you want to do Pre-17 Driving?

I have always been interested in driving and wanted to pass my test as quickly as possible. I felt the pre17 sessions would enable me to know the basics before going onto the road to enable me to start straight away and give me a head start before I was 17.

How did it help you?

I feel like it gave me a head start knowing all the controls prior to going on the road. This made me very confidence that I knew what I was doing so I could concentrate on the other distractions of the road which we didn’t come across on the pre17 sessions e.g other cars.

Would you recommend, if so why?

Yes I would strongly recommend. I felt that it made me a lot more confident knowing that I knew what was I was doing before going on the road. I feel like I could go straight into the more difficult areas of driving more quickly as I already had the basics.

How could it have been improved?

I think that the online portal of the car could be more clear and tell you how to do things more. E.g how to change the lights.

Did you feel prepared for real life driving?

Yes I feel prepared for driving on my own now. I feel like we covered a lot of situations and so I’m prepared for them.

Why WrightStart instead of other driving schools?

Because I wanted to pass my driving test quickly and I felt I picked driving up quickly in the pre17 driving sessions and wanted to carrying on progressing at that same rate. I feel like the online portal helped me pass my theory and practical test quicker as I had all the information I needed to revise before the test.


We’d love you to share your views and experiences of learning with WrightStart…

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