Preparing for the Theory Test

By Lewis on 20th January 2016 - View Comments

The theory test is essential part of the learning to drive process and must be completed prior to the practical test. Without passing a theory test a practical test cannot be booked.

Some learners see the theory test as a means to an end and isn’t interesting or important, however they couldn’t be further from the truth. The Highway Code is the main basis for road craft and by reading the book it will significantly help a driver gain more knowledge and understanding of the road.

Even full licence holders should ensure they are kept up to date with a current copy of the HWC as rules and regulations change on a frequent basis. In fact, the HWC has been amended many times over the years, the current edition was amended and last updated in 2015. To read about its history click here or to buy your copy click here.

Our top tips for learning theory content:

1. The best way to prepare for a theory test is to manage each section in bite size chunks, don’t overload on information.

2. Always re-read your wrong answers after each section so you know what you’ve got wrong and how to correct it ready for next time.

3. Ensure you’ve covered each section thoroughly, don’t skip sections to save time.

4. Revise little and often, regular revision improves retention rate.

5. Don’t ignore the hazard perception element, you are looking for the developing hazard.

6. Most importantly, always book your theory test via the government website and not false websites. The link is here.

These handy tips should point you in the right direction and get you ready for the all important test and if your reading this and have passed your test, ask yourself, when was the last time you read up on the highway code?..

Don’t forget, if your learning to drive with WrightStart you get free and unlimited theory practice with our partners Theory Test Pro.  It’s a great online system with all the latest content helping you pass quickly and easily all whilst saving you money.

For more interesting facts and trivia about both the theory and practical tests, check out the government website here. Until next time, enjoy swotting up.

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