Questions about the Driving Test

By Lewis on 4th January 2016 - View Comments

Happy New Year! January has sprung upon us and many of you are probably looking forward to learning to drive this year and are eager to pass the driving test. Well, luckily for you we have put together a few common questions about the test to help you out.

Many pupils ask us last minute questions on test day about the test and what to expect, the top 5 are listed below:

1. How many faults am I allowed?

You are allowed up to 15 minor faults on your driving test and still be given a pass. A single serious or dangerous fault will result in an immediate fail. Listen to your examiners debrief at the end of the test as they will give you guidance on how to improve.

2. How long will the test last?

The driving test will last approximately 40 minutes. This does include the time taken to meet the examiner, fill out necessary paperwork, answer your show me/tell me questions and also go out for the drive.

3. How can I control my nerves?

This is always a tricky one to answer as everyone deals with pressure in different ways. Personally I like to visualise my manoeuvres and sometimes write down the order of various procedures and processes so that it is clear in my mind. The best way to ensure your calm on test day is to practice, practice, practice and try to do a mock test so you know what to expect on test day.

4. What if I fail?

Statistically speaking the odds aren’t in your favour for passing first time and if you think long and hard about it, it isn’t really the end of the world. We all now how disappointing and upsetting failure is however the examiner and instructor are both at hand to help you improve on the weaker points and make you a better safer driver. Just like a car MOT failure, take yourself away, improve on the weak points and present yourself for test again once further progress has been made.

5. How should I drive on the test?

This question is actually asked quite often. Driving test candidates should drive to the standard that they do on driving lessons. Instructors have spent a lot of time and effort into training the pupil to drive to a high standard that meets the requirements of the test. Once a pupil has reached the required standard the instructor then feels that it is appropriate to present the pupil for test and continuing to drive in this manner will enable you to pass the test.

We hope these help but if you have any further questions you’d like answering don’t be afraid to ask us…

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