Review of the latest driving test – 1 year on

By Lewis on 4th December 2018 - View Comments

So it’s been a year since the introduction of the new driving test and so we thought it would be good to give you our findings so far.

As a driving school we have had many pupils pass since the 4th December and all have said it flowed well and was nothing to worry about, especially in comparison to the old test.

The sat-nav element is proving popular and in most ways easier to follow than conventional instructions or signs. The park in the right reverse is also fitting in nicely, most pupils seem to be able to manage this manoeuvre with relative ease.

Something that is new to test but not to us is the show me questions. At WrightStart we have been conducting these questions as part of the learning process despite them not being in the old curriculum. They are relatively straight forwards however what you need to bare in mind is that you should only conduct the action when it is safe to do so and when looking only glance towards the button or switch, real emphasis is paced on driving safely.


Positive feedback:

– Sat-nav gives clear visual instructions

– Manoeuvres are more realistic

– Show me/tell me questions relevant


Tricky areas:

– Some audible instructions via sat-nav misleading

– Forwards bay park not as easy as people think

– More emphasis on independent driving – however this is a positive thing in the long term 


General failed areas:

– Lack of mirror checks

– Late planning

– Too much time spent looking at the sat-nav screen

– Badly timed show me question operation.


The conclusion is clear, the test is not only more fit for purpose by encompassing more real life driving scenarios but still requires a decent level of skill as before. We always try to oust pupils above and beyond the level required to pass a test, not only to ensure your passage through to full licence holder is easier but to keep you safe when you are on your own. My final thoughts…practice and prepare and you shall be fine.

If you’ve taken your test recently what did you think to it?

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