Top reasons for failing the Theory Test

By Lewis on 2nd May 2017 - View Comments

The theory test can be a stressful event for even the most clued-up of learners – but it needn’t be if you learn the five most common reasons for messing it up:

1. Failing to Revise for the Theory Test
There’s no easy way round this – you have to put the work in to get the result you want. There are dozens of learning solutions available from the Highway Code in book form through to Theory Test Pro, and using one or a combination will help you to learn the rules of the road from start to finish.
Also, with apps like Theory Test Pro, your performance can be monitored by your instructor so if there are any areas that you’re struggling with, these knowledge gaps can be spotted and discussed  during your next lesson.

2. Going In Unprepared for the Theory Test
You may have swotted up on the Highway Code but on the day itself, the idea of taking the actual test can still seem daunting. First, you may not know what to expect – fix that by heading to our step-by-step guide to the test process – and second, you’ve never actually taken the test in any shape or form.
To get yourself ready, use online and mobile services to take mock tests, which allow you to practise in the same format as the official test itself. It means you can prepare yourself for how the test actually works, plus many allow you to practise whether you’re sat at home or on the bus.

3. Wondering Why The Questions Are Different in the Actual Theory Test
Well, they are… but they’re not. Let us explain – the questions you will see in a mock test are indeed different to the ones featured in the actual test but they deal with exactly the same themes and rules of the road.
The reason? The Theory Test has been designed to test you on your knowledge, and not simply to check if you have memorised everything word for word. It’s the difference between true learning and pointless regurgitation.

4. Freaking Out Over Theory Test Questions
It can happen to any one of us during a test – we get a question that we can’t figure out the answer to and simply guess or skip it entirely. But, remember, you can mark a question using the ‘Flag’ button in the Theory Test and return to it later when the answer may have finally popped into your head.

5. Clicking Too Much In The Hazard Perception Test
The Hazard Perception Test is the part that many of us dread. Unlike the Theory Test, it’s ‘live’ with no way of going back and checking or changing answers. It can lead to genuine stress over how you will perform on the big day – but there’s help at hand. You can use apps to practise the HPT, learning how, why and when to click. And it’s the ‘when’ that can confound learners the most.

Did you know that all WrightStart pupils get FREE access to Theory Test Pro, these guys make learning the theory fun, quick and easy. If your not learning with WrightStart first of all why aren’t you? and secondly you can still download their app to have a play. Get practising and good luck…

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