Why should you learn to drive?

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Learning to drive is at the top of the list for most 17 year olds however a lot of people decide not to learn to drive at 17 due to the high cost of learning to drive, other commitments or don’t see the need until after university. In fact there is a large number of people that wait until after university when they have the time, more money and right attitude to learn to drive.

Most people want to learn to drive because it’s the in thing at 17, teenagers see it as a sense of freedom and the ability to get away from home, or just want to get out and see friends and become more independent.

However, there are many other benefits of learning to drive and today we will discuss some of those in a little more detail.

Life Skill

At WrightStart we believe that learning to drive is more than just being able to pass the test but it is a skill for life that one day may be able to save your life or someone else’s. We feel the skills we teach and the knowledge we pass on can be utilised not just on the road but to other areas of life, it allows for in depth learning and thinking to be achieved and maturity to be developed.


Driving is essential to be able to navigate the area do you live or work in. Relying on other forms of transport such as buses or cycling may not always be appropriate or feasible. Having access to a vehicle to commute or see friends and family in can be essential.


Many students studying A-levels will be undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Driving skills can be used to achieve such an award and here at WrightStart we have signed many pupils log books that have helped them achieve it.


Some people relish a new challenge and find the stimulation of learning something new exciting. Trying to pick up new skills is challenging and helps keep the brain healthy and active and complex skills such as driving will help to improve that.

Employment opportunities

New data from job search engine Adzuna has found that almost 100,000 jobs require driving, while job seekers with a driver’s licence could earn thousands more than back-seat jobseekers for equivalent roles.

Job seekers looking for work could earn thousands of pounds more simply by having a driver’s licence. The research analysed over 1.2 million job ads across the UK to reveal the pay difference between job ads that require candidates to have a driver’s licence and those that don’t.

Recent figures from the government’s National Travel Survey show that 36% of 21-29 year olds don’t have a driving licence, and the number one reason for not learning to drive amongst this age group is cost.
Here’s a couple of additional points:

a) Ten of the jobs with the biggest increase in advertised salary when a driving licence was required in the job ad.

Job Title Advertised Salary Increase with Driver’s Licence
Nurse £6,146
Sales Advisor £5,153
Customer Service Assistant £4,910
Store Manager £4,725
Teacher £3,872
Mechanical Technician £3,586
Business Administrator £2,806
Chef £2,659
Vehicle Mechanic £2,499
Therapist £2,252

b) The five job sectors that are most likely to require a drivers licence (of course, this doesn’t include those jobs where you’d need to be able to drive just to get to the workplace!)

Job Sector Job Ads Requiring A Licence
Property 14.06%
Maintenance 11.43%
Logistics and Warehouse 10.65%
Energy, Oil and Gas 10.10%
Social Work 7.98%

To read the full report click here.

As you can see there are many reasons as to why you would want to learn to drive, so if you fancy doing something new and want to obtain your license, give us a call and we’ll see how we can help.

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