Pre-17 Driver Review – Jonathan Ball

By Lewis on 3rd April 2017 - View Comments

Feedback is an essential part of running a business and we always want to know if we are doing a good job and keeping our customers happy.

We asked one of our valued Pre-17 Drivers the following questions, here’s what Jonathan had to say…

Why did you want to do Pre-17 Driving?

To gain experience in the car before I was 17 years of age.

How did it help you?

Gave me the basic car skills I needed so I could achieve control of the car for when I was 17 – making the time of passing my driving test reduced.

Did you feel more prepared for the road?

Yes it definitely helped me feel more confident on the road as I already know how to drive the car by the time I got on the road.

How did you find the learn to drive process?

Quick and easy, with polite and helpful staff.

Did you feel prepared for real life driving?

Yes I felt prepared due to the basic skills I had learnt at pre-17 event, it was the foundation of my driving.

Why WrightStart instead of other driving schools?

Offers a variety of extra information on the website to help you in your driving lessons. WrightStart also provides efficient and professional staff who offer their knowledge and experience to help you in your aim of passing the theory and practical tests to come.


We love to hear comments like this, please share with us your Pre-17 Driving Experiences and tell us how you found it…

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