Where did it all start?..

By Lewis on 9th March 2016 - View Comments

With our first Pre-17 event only round the corner we thought we’d tell you where our story began, especially as so many of you keep asking.

So where to begin…

Our Pre-17 driving experiences all started due to a silly video we created a couple of years ago, you can watch it here

I went to visit my goddaughter in between lessons one week and as I arrived Holly (aged 2 at the time) was playing around in the garden. As usual she ran over to me and said ‘Lewie drive’ As she lived on a private drive her father and I took that to mean she wanted to sit in the drivers seat. We brought out her high chair and placed her in the seat and we decided to let her drive up and down the road.

I obviously moved the vehicle from the passenger side using my dual controls and she did the steering from her side. We assembled a video together and within 4 days we had nearly 15,000 hits.

Our current learner pupils at the time began asking how their brothers and sisters could drive off-road to which we didn’t have an answer. Our search for a suitable venue began here.

We are currently looking to expand our Pre-17 driving programme and add other venues around the city and in particular we are aiming to provide a tailored programme for teenagers to have structured driving lessons on a regular basis preparing them fully for their on-road driving careers.

Well, that’s us. You know where to find us but if not take a look at our Pre-17 site here. We’d love to hear from you and find out your thoughts on our driving experiences and if you haven’t already tried one, what are you waiting for…

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