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By Lewis on 9th December 2015 - View Comments

We often get asked why we encourage driving at such a young age and it is a fair question.
As your probably aware we can take drivers from the age of two, yes we said two. Now this is quite young and we definitely agree. In reality we only get a couple of requests for drivers of this age group and those that we have taken have been for the benefit of parents or grandparents. Their faces when their little one is behind the wheel is priceless and it feels great to be a part of that.

Most of our customers fall into either the junior or teen category which is what we encourage. The benefit for the juniors driving at this age even though they’re not near the age of 17 is to help build confidence.
They learn from an early age that cars can be potentially dangerous and learn how to operate them safely and become accustomed to being in control.

Teenage drivers also benefit from the safe experience our junior drivers do, however we can focus more time on important car control and allow them to develop key core skills prior to be released on the open roads.

Last year (2015) saw our first Pre-17 Driver, Jon Ball aged 16, begin his off-road training and soon became our first driver to complete the programme and obtain his full category B licence shortly after his 17th birthday.
Even though the time between turning 17 and passing his test was short, no skills or knowledge had been compromised due to his off-road training. We managed to give Jon the fundamental skills needed to drive a car safely and also taught him all of the manoeuvres required for a test prior to his first road lesson, this in turn allowed used to pay more time and attention to potential hazards making him more aware and a safer driver all round.

We hope to see you and your little ones soon and as a thank you for reading, if you use the code: XMASBLOG you’ll get a nice 20% discount to use before Christmas.

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