Why Experiences are soo much better than things!

By Lewis on 11th September 2020 - View Comments

Are you searching for a gift for someone special aged under 17?

Physical gifts are great, but there are many reasons why experience gifts are much better for that young person and here are a few reasons why…

Experiences result in greater happiness. According to research from Cornell University, experiences result in longer-lasting happiness than material possessions. Humans quickly adapt to their external surroundings and as a result, the happiness provided by new material possessions is short-lived.

Over time, people‚Äôs satisfaction with ‘things’ decreases, whereas their satisfaction with experiences over time increases.

???? Experiences give us something to look forward to and anticipation about the events is exciting!

???? Experiences give us amazing memories, and we aim to deliver unforgettable ones

???? Experiences bring us more happiness than material things

???? Experiences result in less comparison with others, they are truly unique

???? Experiences help us live in the moment

???? Experiences help us avoid clutter, after all, toys do get left around the house

Treat someone to a Pre-17 Driving Experience that they’ll never forget!

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