A day in the life of an ADI…

By Lewis on 22nd May 2013 - View Comments

Morning all, “it’s one of the team” we just thought we’d give you a little insight into our busy schedule so please enjoy!


Alarm sounds, shower running, uniform on and a hearty breakfast eaten = ready for the day.

A typical day usually starts around 7am; the morning consists of getting the diary open, lesson plans arranged and reading the pupil portal. After a swift cup of tea the car is started and off to the first lesson for 08:00. Most lessons run for a 2 hour period and so the first break comes at 10:00 whilst travelling to the next appointment to begin for 11:00.

Dinner is normally spent at a convenient location for a butty, whether it’s out in the countryside, on the verge of one of Derbyshire’s local reservoirs or in a busy car park, it is good fuel to continue the day and continue on into the afternoon.

Lessons resume at 14:00 and continue until about 19:00 when it’s now time to return back to base, but we’re not finished yet!

A quick clean down of the tuition vehicle, progress cards and lesson plans updated and then job done.


Are you worn out now? Well we are, good night.


P.S. Don’t forget #startWrightStart

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