Changes to the Theory Test

By Lewis on 3rd May 2018 - View Comments

From 1 May 2018, we’ll be changing the way 78 theory test questions are worded, to make them more accessible to everyone.

We’ve worked with the British Dyslexia Association and the British Deaf Association to develop the changes. We trialled the changes with over 7,000 candidates, who found the revised questions easier to understand.

Main changes to the questions

We’ve rephrased all of the ‘continuation’ questions in the test. This type of question asks the candidate to choose an answer from a list, to complete a sentence. We’re changing the wording so that the candidate has to pick a statement to answer the question instead.

We’ve also removed long and complicated words, with shorter simpler words. This includes replacing words like ‘increased’ and ‘decreased’ with ‘bigger’ and ‘smaller’.

You can find more information on helping candidates with learning difficulties take their theory test on GOV.UK or Safe Driving for Life.

You will find our current provider of theory test training (Theory Test Pro) will update their software accordingly.

Hopefully you’ve found this useful and remember to keep practising little and often in preparation to pass, good luck!

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