It’s 2019! ????

By Lewis on 2nd January 2019 - View Comments

Happy New Year to you all and welcome to 2019, we hope you all had a great Christmas, it was nice for us to have some downtime and recharge the batteries and get ready for another cracking year.

We thought the first blog would be an ideal opportunity to enlighten you all on some of the plans for the year ahead, so here goes:


After many requests in recent months for automatic lessons we are pleased to announce that this is something we are going to accommodate this year. We don’t have a date just yet as it’s still a work in progress but watch this space, a new mini automatic mini might be coming this way soon…

Another huge announcement which we have kept quiet is the introduction of our new trailer. It is currently wrapped in our Pre-17 Driving livery but is ready to go for trailer training.

What is this some of you may ask?

Well, those of you that passed your test after 1989 will not have the ability to tow a trailer larger than 750kg or 3.5T combined which can be a problem if you have caravans, boats or storage containers. Don’t worry though, we are now fully set and prepared to cater to your requirements.

WrightStart Experiences

Firstly we have a new area of the car park facility we currently use. It is a larger area allowing us to accommodate more drivers at one time and has a better viewing platform.

We have added new course obstacles such as a roundabout and hill start exercises as well as upgrading some previous favourites. You will be able to view all of your child’s driving from a great spot and we have provided some site maps to show you what your little driver is getting up to.

We have also introduced some activities for the parents or guardians that come down to spectate. If you already have a licence to drive then why not try our drink drive course, see if you can handle a vehicle in simulated drunk conditions, keep an eye out for our promo video to come.


Well that sums up our immediate plans for this coming year, it’s shaping up to be exciting and we cannot wait to get stared. We hope to start teaching you again soon!

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