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By Lewis on 7th October 2013 - View Comments

Hello everyone, Pat WrightStart rambling to you again.

What news from the summer can I tell you?

Well, firstly it has been a very good summer and I must say “Congrats” to Joe (junior WrightStart) for getting A*A* in Engineering and A in ICT in his ‘A’ levels and to Jamie, our Web Designer/Developer, who got A* in all his subjects and is now studying Law at Notts Uni as well as running Webstroke, his own business.  Well done boys, very proud of you!

The two WrightStart boys have also had a busy one; ensuring pupils are ready for tests before heading off to uni, preparing school presentations for the start of term and now acclimatising to the not soo warm weather conditions with their cars.

As for me well its flown by and now that summer’s over my thoughts turn to Christmas and all that entails.  If you’re struggling for ideas for someone, especially if they’re 17 or about to turn 17, why not book them a 2 hour 2 for 1 driving lesson with us. You would be helping them to learn a Skill for Life, something which we are very keen on and also helping them towards more independence.

Another idea could be to give someone a refresher lesson or even treat them to a Pass Plus course, which can help with improved driving ability and also help to reduce the cost of insurance depending on who you insure with.

Keep posted for our next blog discussing how to prepare your vehicle for winter, but for now, I’m off to make Christmas cards.

So until next time, don’t forget #startWrightStart.

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