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Here at WrightStart we offer far more than just a driving lesson.   As you all know we’re unique, so unique and diverse in fact, that recently we helped coach a driver through a private hire taxi test.

Lewis decided he fancied the challenge of ‘coaching’ an already very experienced driver that currently covers over 40,000 miles per year through the requirements the test had to offer.

After extensive research into the manoeuvres and skills required, the bank of different show me/tell me questions asked by the DSA examiner he was ready for the first session, the question is, was the candidate?..

The initial assessment drive was a great success with the pupil demonstrating an already good basis of driving ability but was also an interesting insight for them as they had to grasp the technical elements of what the test was about.

The focus and emphasis was mainly on the ability to drive safely, with good knowledge of the ‘Highway Code’ and also have the ability to independently drive, something that fortunately they had continually used for their previous work.

The private hire guidelines do stipulate that another theory test must be completed and passed before a practical test can take place and so we enrolled him onto our comprehensive system in order for him to get up-to-date information and practice.

All in all he managed to pass both tests first time with ease, a 100% result on the theory paper was equally matched with the drive as he received no minors during the test, a completely faultless drive!

Lewis learned from this process too, the ability to convey information to a more experienced driver and was challenged with difficult questions throughout as to why processes and procedures have changed during the years since the pupil previously learnt to drive and pass their test.

Finally, many thanks once again for choosing WrightStart and we are glad we meet your expectations.

Till next time don’t forget #startWrightStart.

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