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By Lewis on 18th March 2013 - View Comments

Hi everyone, Pat WrightStart here with the latest blog update.

I know in the first blog it was said that this would be a weekly feature, but the young chap who decided this, failed to take into account all the other ‘jobs’ us Mum’s do to keep the house and everyone else up and running, so please do bear with me, sometimes it might be weekly other times it might be fortnightly and if not by me then by one the ‘team’.

Just a little comment as to how I came to be known as Pat WrightStart.  I was given this name the first time I met the designer of our website.  He’s a brilliant and very talented young man and goes by the name of Jamie Ball who has his own business, Webstroke.  He’s designed and created us a very bespoke and professional website to specifically meet our particular requirements and bring you a facility that is outstanding and beneficial to your on-going learning and development – huge thanks Jamie.  Please feel free to click on the link at the bottom of our page.

What’s the latest news at WrightStart I hear you ask?  Well, my two ‘boys’, Andy and Lewis, are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new cars, so keep a look out for two Citroen DS3’s – one white with a black roof which will be Andy’s and the other will be black with a white roof and that will be Lewis.

They have also started Fleet Driver Training but there will be more information about that in future blogs.

That’s all for this week folks.  Feel free to email us or tweet us at #startWrightStart.

Until next time, this is Pat WrightStart signing off.

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