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By Lewis on 16th April 2013 - View Comments

Afternoon bloggers, before I continue don’t worry there hasn’t been another vehicle delivered we’re talking about Fleet Driver Training today.


Firstly, what is fleet driver training?

Fleet training is further development of knowledge and skill of individuals that drive for business purposes.

Why do we need this?

Well due to legislation and the duty of care companies now need to actively be providing training for their employees. That training can come in many forms; in this case it is enhanced driver training and increased development of planning, anticipation and eco driving in order to improve safety and reduce costs.

What does this mean for WrightStart?

Initially we have meetings with organisations to find out what is required and how we can help, whether that’s through writing their risk assessments or on road fault analysis, it is all beneficial.

What have WrightStart been doing?

Since enrolling onto the course both ADI’s have been sitting through classroom based sessions on the theories and practices that can be used out on the open road. Their next session involves presentations on the research they’ve collated on this topic before moving onto the final in car fleet work where it won’t be long before they have their fleet badge.


Keep posted for our next instalment but for now…


Don’t forget #startWrightStart

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